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Jawatan Kosong Humanities subjects Teacher Primary & Secondary Stages di [SYARIKAT]


Certainly! Humanities subjects typically encompass a range of disciplines, such as History, Geography, Social Studies, Civics, and sometimes elements of Economics and Anthropology. Below are the job descriptions for a Humanities Teacher at both the Primary and Secondary stages.

Primary Stage Humanities Teacher:

Job Title: Primary Stage Humanities Teacher

Job Description:

As a Primary Stage Humanities Teacher, your role is to introduce young learners typically between the year of 5 to 11 years old to various aspects of the humanities. You will teach subjects like History, Geography, and Social Studies, focusing on building students’ awareness and understanding of the world around them. Your goal is to foster curiosity, critical thinking, and appreciation for diverse cultures and societies.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Integrated Curriculum: Design and implement an integrated curriculum that introduces young students to key concepts in History, Geography, and Social Studies. Create year-appropriate and engaging lessons that cater to the different learning styles of children.
  2. History: Introduce students to historical events, figures, and periods, helping them understand the significance of the past and how it influences the present.
  3. Geography: Teach basic geography, including continents, countries, major landmarks, physical features, and cultural diversity. Help students develop spatial awareness and an understanding of the interconnectedness of the world.
  4. Social Studies: Explore social structures, communities, and cultures, emphasizing respect for diversity and encouraging empathy and understanding among students.
  5. Critical Thinking: Foster critical thinking skills by encouraging students to ask questions, analyze information, and make connections between historical events, geographical features, and social phenomena.
  6. Multimedia and Resources: Utilize multimedia resources, maps, globes, visual aids, and year-appropriate literature to enhance students’ learning experiences.
  7. Assessment and Progress Tracking: Regularly assess and evaluate students’ understanding of humanities subjects, providing constructive feedback and support for their academic growth.
  8. Classroom Discussions: Facilitate classroom discussions that encourage students to express their ideas, share perspectives, and respect the opinions of others.
  9. Cultural Awareness: Promote cultural awareness and sensitivity, encouraging students to embrace diversity and develop a global mindset.
  10. Parent Communication: Maintain open and effective communication with parents or guardians, providing updates on student progress, sharing classroom activities, and addressing any concerns.
  11. Educational Trips: Organize and lead educational trips or field visits related to humanities subjects to provide students with real-world experiences.

Secondary Stage Humanities Teacher:

Job Title: Secondary Stage Humanities Teacher

Job Description:

As a Secondary Stage Humanities Teacher, you will teach more advanced and in-depth topics in History, Geography, and Social Studies to students typically between the year of 11 to 18 years old. Your role is to deepen students’ knowledge of the humanities, promote critical thinking, and encourage them to explore complex social and global issues.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Comprehensive Curriculum: Design and deliver a comprehensive curriculum in History, Geography, and Social Studies, incorporating more complex concepts and themes appropriate for secondary students.
  2. History and Global Studies: Teach detailed historical events, eras, and civilizations, emphasizing the significance of historical context and its impact on contemporary societies.
  3. Geopolitics and Geography: Explore geopolitical issues, geographical phenomena, and human-environment interactions, encouraging students to understand global challenges and opportunities.
  4. Civics and Social Issues: Discuss civics, governance systems, and social issues to instill an understanding of citizenship, democracy, and societal responsibilities.
  5. Analytical Skills: Teach analytical skills, such as source analysis, research methods, and evidence-based reasoning, to help students critically examine historical and social information.
  6. Current Affairs: Connect classroom learning to current affairs, encouraging students to stay informed and engaged in global and societal developments.
  7. Technology Integration: Utilize technology to enhance the learning experience, incorporating digital resources, virtual field trips, and multimedia presentations.
  8. Classroom Debates: Organize classroom debates and discussions on contemporary and historical issues, fostering respectful dialogue and active participation.
  9. Assessment and Evaluation: Conduct regular assessments, projects, research papers, and presentations to evaluate students’ understanding and encourage independent thinking.
  10. Individualized Support: Identify students’ strengths and challenges in humanities subjects and provide personalized support and guidance.
  11. Parent and Teacher Collaboration: Maintain effective communication with parents or guardians, discussing students’ academic progress and addressing any concerns.
  12. Extracurricular Activities: Encourage students’ involvement in extracurricular activities related to humanities subjects, such as Model United Nations (MUN) or history clubs.

Maklumat Tambahan Jawatan Kosong

Tahap Pekerjaan : Entry Level
Kelayakan : Education/Training, Education
Pengalaman Kerja : 1 year
Jenis Kerja : Full-Time
Pengkhususan Kerja : Education/Training, Education / 507, 105

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Spectrum International Islamic Schools (SIIS) are located on two splendid campuses one in Kuala Lumpur and the other on the fringe of Putrajaya. SIIS offers a unique holistic education experience by blending Islamic values with 7 high quality education pillars in order to raise a positive balanced Muslim generation.  Emotional engagement is the key to all powerful learning. That is why SIIS brings love, laughter, passion, and meaningful project work into school everyday life.It embraces a number of educational strands from early years to graduating students aged seventeen plus by offering programmes of study in Preschool, Kindergarten and Primary in one school and Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary in the other school.Spectrum International Islamic School, uses Islamic Curricular and the Cambridge International Curriculum and English National Curriculum with a local dimension and prepares students for the CAIE Checkpoint and the IGCSE. The successful applicant should have at least 3 years of classroom teaching experience and they will have a relevant degree and teaching qualification or an Education Degree.The school provides a well-resourced and stimulating working environment where an emphasis is placed on developing a well-rounded student who exhibits an Islamic personality and achieves academic success.This is a full time minimum 2-year contract that starts from 1st August 2019. For full school details of the school refer to:

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Saiz Syarikat : 51 – 200 Employees
Masa Pemprosesan Permohonan :
Industri : Education
Elaun dan Lain-lain : Regular hours, Mondays – Fridays, Formal (e.g. Shirts + Ties), Innovative work culture, career growth and development opportunities
Lokasi : Kuala Lumpur