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Primary functions is the physiotherapy where you shall perform and render physiotherapy treatments inclusive of manual therapy, rehabilitation, exercise therapy, patient education, patient monitoring, patient assessment, patient communication, patient call backs, and a great working relations with other clinical staff that includes chiropractors and physiotherapists as well as other allied or traditional care givers, as deemed by CSC and us.

In addition to the primary function the followings are further sub-primary duties that you will be required to perform:

1. To provide the best professional and ethical clinical service to all patients regardless of age, ethnicity or religious believe;
2. To report any technical/clinical issues to CSC and the Company (us) as soon as they arise;
3. To provide CSC and us any assistance or information they seek about office procedures, methods and patient care without delay;
4. Meet with Office Manager/Chiropractors/Physiotherapists/Directors daily or as required to discuss the day Prepare any patient letters (if any);
5. Check clinic email (if assigned to you) no less than 3 times during your shift: 1). Start of your shift, 2). Middle of your shift and 3). At the end of your shift. You shall respond to those that may have technical/clinical questions after discussing these issues with the center’s chiropractor, CSC or us. You are also required to liaise with front desk should a potential patient be in need of an appointment. We reserve the right to assign more than one email account under your supervision; However, your primary obligation is to constantly check, review, reply emails for: ………………………….;
6. Make sure that all new patient files are filled and completed as required before the end of your shift;
7. Make notes of procedures; exam or evaluation performed on patients along with your recommendations. These are to be done daily;

8. Make a list of patients that need to have updated exam or evaluations and pass your list to the Office Manager or Front Desk, so that these patients are scheduled accordingly;

9. Continually communicate with all the other physiotherapists and chiropractors at the center;
10. To make certain to avoid methods or systems of care not approved by CSC. If there arise a situation in which you think it beneficial to patient, you shall communicate it first with CSC

Friendly, passionate and dedicated individual with attention to detail.

Reliable, motivated and with good communication skills.

If you fit the above criteria, do not hesitate to send your resume and cover letter to

Benefits :
Highly motivated team of physiotherapist and chiropractors.
Hospitalisation insurance.
Out-patient medical claim.
EPF and SOCSO contribution.
EIS contribution.
5-day work.


Services provided at Chiropractic Specialty Center®️ include holistic treatments through our expert team of chiropractors and physiotherapists.

For spine patients, we offer NSD Therapy®️, chiropractic, physiotherapy, and targeted rehabilitation. Patients with joint pain or sports injuries will receive chiropractic services combined with physiotherapy. We also provide prenatal and postnatal services for new and expecting mothers.

At CSC, we treat the neck, back, joints, bones, and soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, tendons, spinal discs). Chiropractic Specialty Center®️ treats all types of the spine, joints, and soft tissue disorders or injuries.

Best of all, CSC treatments are through advanced methodologies without injections or surgery.

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Pengkhususan Kerja : Healthcare, Practitioner/Medical Asst / 513, 111

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