School Counsellor

Jawatan Kosong School Counsellor di [SYARIKAT]


The Role

The School Counsellor, hereby referred to as the ‘Counsellor’, in collaboration with the Team Around the Child, is primarily responsible for the diligent pastoral care and support of students’ social/emotional needs in response to academic team referrals, concerns and incidents. A key aim is to minimise social and emotional barriers to learning through counselling programmes, staff guidance and training. In addition, the Counsellor may be invited to support the teaching of PSHE, visit classes to provide guidance and to lead segments of school assemblies. The Counsellor plays an important role in promoting positive attitudes to SEND and PSHE within the community through workshops, parent forums and information sharing.

The Counsellor’s immediate line manager is the Head of Primary or the Head of Secondary who will responsible for agreeing, monitoring and signing off performance management targets for the Counsellor.

Responsibilities and Key Activities

The table below outlines the key responsibilities of the Counsellor and associated activities linked to these. The role is highly varied and requires adaptability, flexibility, dedication and teamwork. The list is not exhaustive but summarises accurately expectations linked to the role.



Learning and Teaching

  • To periodically deliver high quality academic instruction that supports the class teacher deliver PSHE
  • To consistently and judiciously use school reward systems to develop self-motivation, resilience and pride
  • To support and lead school assemblies when linked to PSHE and emotional guidance

Professional Standards

  • To adhere to school policies and to maintain supportive but professional and appropriately distanced relationships with students.
  • To ensure students understand and respect the boundaries between themselves and the Counsellor in order to provide a caring but objective level of support.
  • To support family members and students in a caring fashion, considering the needs, views and responsibilities of all parties dispassionately and equally.
  • To work as part of the Team Around the Child, ensuring recommended support actions are agreed in consultation with relevant stakeholders.
  • To ensure support plans and meetings with parents are documented and shared according to best practice and school policy.


  • To keep leaders advised of resourcing needs and developments and to maintain, track and manage Counselling room and resources diligently so they are fit for purpose.


Positive Behaviour and Welfare

  • In relation to student emotional and social needs, if deemed in the best interests of the child, to provide counselling until those needs have been met. All children at SRI KDU have a right to thrive; it is the responsibility of every staff member to put all children’s safeguarding, wellbeing and progress first by implementing policy and promoting SRI KDU values
  • Within a counselling setting, helping students develop skills and behaviours critical for academic achievement.
  • To monitor the impact of PSHE/welfare resources and subscriptions and to keep track of new resources available.

Community Relations and Information

  • To secure family confidence by maintaining a constant flow of home school communications that inform, share progress and celebrate success
  • To lead parent events, such as parent forums, coffee mornings and workshops
  • To develop and organize career awareness and education activities for students. This includes developing and maintaining relationships with tertiary educations and industry partners.
  • To constantly and consistently demonstrate care, through close observation, the use of support departments and proactive internal and external communications
  • To ensure families are kept informed and to encourage regular face to face communications with parents/guardians/carers
  • To meet agreed expectations for the quality and consistency of home school communications, including online platforms
  • To field parental concerns and questions and to direct, advise and intervene as appropriate.
  • To liaise with leadership, when in the case of serious matters, escalation is deemed necessary.
  • To ensure that meetings between team and community partners /families/ support departments are recorded and filed.
  • To liaise with DSL promptly when concern is raised

Preferred Qualities:

  • Play therapy experience.
  • Candidate who would be comfortable working with students from EYFS – Year 13

One Team


  • To advise teachers and parents, in coordination with the SENCO and Team around the Child, concerning behavioural, mental health and family issues.
  • To contribute Newsletter updates when requested


  • Arrive prepared for and contribute actively to student progress and support meetings
  • To notify colleagues of changes promptly or in advance
  • To be flexible and helpful in offering solutions
  • To be open to taking part in team beneficial events outside of working hours, such as taking part in whole school CPD or socials.

Event Organisation

  • To assist in the preparation, running, supervision and evaluation of school events
  • To be proactive in suggesting and leading new events as part of a growing school

Always Learning


  • To be open to mentoring, modelling, team teaching and observing in order to support colleagues by sharing expertise and knowledge.
  • To maintain regular and appropriate counselling by an external counsellor


  • To liaise with leadership on CPD opportunities for self and team, including online training courses.
  • To self-assess and reflect in order to identify development areas for leadership.
  • To deliver CPD to share best practice, including feeding back post course.


  • Master degree from a recognized university or college, preferably with specialization in the field of guidance and counseling, and/or similar qualification;
  • Registered licensed counsellor in Malaysia with Lembaga Kaunseling Malaysia
  • Minimum 1-2 years Counselor experience in an international school setting
  • Demonstrates positive influence and highly effective communication skills
  • Has a firm belief in international education
  • Demonstrates care for and genuine interest in our students and their challenges
  • Understands and adapts to the diverse cultural backgrounds of our staff, students and parents
  • Advocates and supports local and school-based child protection policies
  • Excels in constantly changing environments and adapts flexibly in shifting projects or priorities to meet the needs of our growing school; comfortable with ambiguity and non-routine situations.
  • Contributes positively to team building
  • Models appropriate dress, and demeanor, and actively contribute positive work ethics as defined by school standards
  • Models and encourages a culture of kindness in support of the school’s core values

Maklumat Tambahan Jawatan Kosong

Tahap Pekerjaan : Manager
Kelayakan : Education/Training, Education
Pengalaman Kerja : 2 years
Jenis Kerja : Full-Time
Pengkhususan Kerja : Education/Training, Education / 507, 105

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Maklumat Tambahan Syarikat [SYARIKAT]

Saiz Syarikat : 51 – 200 Employees
Masa Pemprosesan Permohonan : 28 days
Industri : Education
Elaun dan Lain-lain : Business (e.g. Shirts), Attractive medical outpatient coverage, Education Support for staff children*, Monday – Friday (8am to 4.30pm)
Lokasi : Subang Jaya