Position: Quality Assurance (QA)

Job Summary:
• Ultimately Responsible for Guaranteeing the quality of all Finish Products/Semi Finish Products/Packaging/Labeling/Storing.
• Day to Day work involves careful inspection and the enforcement of quality Standards.
• Developing/implementing/Documenting Standard Operating Procedure for Quality controllers.

• Documenting and reporting Product Quality/Quantity Levels.
• Developing and Implementing Standard for Inspection.
• Developing SOP and workflow for Product Inspection.
• Developing plans to manage Waste/Rejects.
• Provide a necessary problem-Solving Solution to team members/Company.
• Identify potential sources of error and suggest ways to eliminate them. (Preventive Actions)
• Effective interaction with other departments/Suppliers to make sure the process runs smoothly.
• Ability to manage Multiple Priorities at the same times.
• Following up with the Appropriate channels when mistakes are found.
• Train other quality Control Members on all inspection Processes.
• Other task assigned by Superior(s)

Job Requirements:
• Candidate Must have Minimum of 2-3 years of Experience in related Field.
• Strong Communication Skills, Problem0Solving Skills, Strong Technical Writing Skills.
• Computer Literacy, Creating Form with Microsoft Excel/Words.
• Manufacturing related Experience.
• Must posses Strong Follow-up Skill, responsible and ready to work long hours.
• Degree/Diploma/Certificate Holders.


Established in 1987, Perusahaan Cemerlang Raya Sdn Bhd is one of the leading household product suppliers in Malaysia. As a pioneer in the broom and brush, and household product supply industry in the country, we have come through changes and challenges, from the technology and exposure we acquired over the past two decades, to successfully establish ourselves as one of the leading names in the household products industry providing full range of cleaning products for household and Industry needs under our own brand name of RAYACO®. Our range of products includes broom, brush, mop, scouring pad with sponge, scouring pad, household sponge, household plastic product etc.

In line with the country’s aspiration to achieve industrialized status by year 2020, Perusahaan Cemerlang Raya Sdn Bhd went through another hype of expansion began at the year 2002, where we moved into our new ultra modern factory in Rawang Integrated Industrial Park with total build up area of 150,000 square feet and equipped with new facilities and equipment to meet the increasing market demand as well as further strengthen our position in the household supplies industry.

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Perusahaan Cemerlang Raya Sdn Bhd

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