1.Willingness to work night shift.
2.Keep track off and check in on incoming order
3.Ensure inventory does not get lost in transport during shipment.
4. Track off inventory and make sure order is equivalent with listing.
5.Inventory goods is well prepared ( labeling, and grouping ).
6. Responsible to check cleanliness production house and transportation.



an Arabic word, it has the meaning of “Best”, ”happiness”, ”harmony” and “everlasting”. (“Aqina” ® in Malaysia for Class 29, 31, 35)


We aim to produce healthier foods choice for the community, contribute toward people living a better and healthier life!

Becoming one of the preferred household brand of healthier foods choice in the next 5 years locally.

“In AQINA, foods production is an important business; we do not just aim to feed the community, we wish to encourage healthier living by providing a choice of healthier food product!”

Aqina Group also plants pineapple(MD2) and our fresh pineapples are exported to
Middle East, North Africa, South Europe, Singapore and Japan.

We are proud that our produces & products exported to Singapore, Japan and European
countries meet the high exporting standard required by these named countries and regions.

Maklumat Tambahan Jawatan Kosong

Tahap Pekerjaan : Not Specified
Kelayakan : Sales/Marketing, Sales – Corporate
Pengalaman Kerja :
Jenis Kerja : Full-Time
Pengkhususan Kerja : Sales/Marketing, Sales – Corporate / 503, 142

Maklumat Syarikat Majikan, [SYARIKAT]


Aqina Farm is a food company that seeks to empower the food supply chain to make food accessible to everyone. Our vision is to become a food company that contributes to environmental and societal sustainability. Our HQ is based in Johor, but recently we moved to KL for business expansion. Our team in KL is currently small but our passion and energy still burns brighter than ever! Come join us if you are interested in be a part of the creation of sustainable food supply chain! 

Maklumat Tambahan Syarikat [SYARIKAT]

Saiz Syarikat : 1 – 50 Employees
Masa Pemprosesan Permohonan : 30 days
Industri : Agricultural / Plantation / Poultry / Fisheries
Elaun dan Lain-lain : Medical, Regular hours, Mondays – Fridays, Casual (e.g. T-shirts)
Lokasi : Pontian