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Jawatan Kosong Senior Engineering Manager di [SYARIKAT]


KabuK Style is a travel fintech company which now provides a subscription service for travel – HafH.

The vision of the company is “Redesign travel around the world to be more accessible with the power of technology”.

Since the foundation of the company (5 years ago(, it operates fully remote work style where all employees are allowed to work from home or anywhere.

So far, the size of the company is around 200 employees in total (including subsidiaries), diversity of members has been increasing.

The Role

As a Senior Engineering Manager,

  • Be responsible for maximizing the output of the team(s) supporting everything needed such as facilitating a team to define good goals, improving collaboration in the team, managing a project to be on time, organizing a process of the delivery, communicating with stakeholders, and individual careers.
  • Lead an initiative that works on improving things impacting on the engineering organization entirely, or on a large part of the system.
  • Hire great talents who have a great potential to move things forward to the company’s mission.

As a Senior Engineer: This expectation is explicitly included,

  • Be role model of a Software Engineer with a professional conduct and open door support policy. Mentoring should be an integral part of your demeanour.
  • Lead design of a system or a feature based on the extensive knowledge of the product, features, workflows and organizational matters.
  • Join, lead and participate in the team by taking charge of all aspects of an engineering role including delivery and the quality of work.
  • Take full ownership of the system such as keeping the code clean, monitoring actively and constantly trying to improve the routine standards.

Ideal Profile


  • Empathize with Missions, Visions, and Values of KabuK Style
  • Proficiency in mobile application coding and design with Swift for iOS or Kotlin for Android
  • Experience in managing product development teams as an engineering manager with fundamental people management work such as 1on1, goal setting, performance evaluation, feedback, and hiring and project management work such as guiding a team to deliver on time, removing blockers, etc
  • Extensive experience and knowledge of building and maintaining large scale software and specialty in any of frontend, mobile, or backend area.
  • Experience in negotiating various things such as expectations, project scope, timeline, etc with stakeholders
  • Experience in using Git and Github for team developments
  • Business level English language skills (both verbal and written)
  • Experience in cloud infrastructures (GCP, AWS)


  • Experienced in full-remote work environment with a high-speed and stable internet connection (> 10Mbps).
  • Communicate with relevant people proactively to achieve your mission, solve problems using appropriate communication tools like slack, notion and zoom.
  • Be accountable for your work hours. The company will not micro-manage, however you will work in a team where transparency is very significant for a trust worthy reputation.


  • Experience in leading technical initiatives
  • Enthusiasm in a start-up culture
  • Experience with Travel industry

What’s on Offer?

  • Work alongside & learn from best in class talent
  • Fantastic work culture
  • Leadership Role

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KabuK Style Inc.

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