Security Manager

Jawatan Kosong Security Manager di [SYARIKAT]


Job Description

  • Responsible to ensure a safe environment for hotel guests and connectors
  • Establish and set safety standards and implement safety policies and procedures
  • Inspection and surveillance on all hotel areas for security violations
  • Determine training needs on security courses and work along with the Talent & Culture Department for conducting training
  • Responsible for accident prevention program and conduct periodic evacuation drills
  • Handles and deals with aggrieved individuals concerning losses or damages arising from theft or accident occurring in the hotel promises
  • Maintains statistics regarding accidents and injuries
  • Assists in training of associates in the department
  • Liaise with the Local Authority, the Police and the Fire and Rescue Department and to establish good relations with them
  • Upgrade and maintain the discipline of security personnel to enhance the hotel image
  • Preserve the safety of the company’s assets from theft vandalism and pilferage
  • Maintain good relationship, cooperate and work as a team with other department heads to enhance productivity and hotel revenue
  • Take prompt action to any from complaints and incidents and without prejudice
  • Implement, in conjunction with the hotel management team, security, loss control, key control, fire safety, occupational health and safety
  • Formation and heading of safety committee in preventing and minimizing injuries, accidents and danger to all Hotel users
  • Schedule all security associates to provide maximum security for the Hotel
  • Be flexible in working hours especially in cases of emergency call out
  • Carry out any other duties when directed by the Hotel and/or General Manager
  • Assist in monitoring correct handling and movement of cash by any associates within the confines of the Hotel
  • Regular reviews of loss control procedures in minimizing loss of assets
  • Ensure badge as outlined in the Employees’ Handbook
  • Liaise with Human Capital and Development Department to assist in pre-employment screening, work related investigations or claims by employees against the Hotel
  • Follow up on training for use of equipment and programmed maintenance of any equipment installed
  • To educate associates in security, fire and safety procedures, conducting awareness/demonstration programmers in order to maintain these procedures
  • Carry out regular fire and safety training session and evacuation drills
  • Conduct investigations in to matters relating to cash stock, assets, fire, accident, disruption, where theft/fraud/loss/injury/damage etc. has or is suspected to have occurred
  • To assist in the preparation of the monthly and yearly Security Department budgets
  • Assist in reviewing all security measures, procedures, equipment and methods from time to time for protective purposes as well as to maintain efficiency and tight security control
  • Assist in reviewing daily report from Security Personnel, issuing necessary orders and counter-act unsatisfactory or irregular situations and conditions
  • To motivate and maintain good staff relations within the Security Department
  • To assist in interviewing applicants whenever required and make recommendations for suitable candidate selection
  • Advise management on preventive measures to be taken against frauds, cheating and delinquent cases and etc.
  • Arranges First Aid courses for security personnel from time to time
  • To maintain high standard personal appearance and health (mentally and physically) at all times
  • To maintain good working relations with own colleagues and other department
  • Established objectives of the Security Department are achieved within the teams specified
  • To ensure that the General Manager is constantly aware of the current situation with respect to security arrangements in the hotel
  • To maintenance of established objectives are such that they provide for effective control and supervision
  • Solve with improvement action on all incidents happen in the hotel

Work Experience

Knowledge and Experience

  • Ex-police or Army forces with rank of Major / Chief or Senior Inspector / ASP
  • Minimum SPM and/or Certificate / Diploma / Degree in Security & Safety Management
  • Minimum 3 years of working experience in a 4- or 5-star hotel
  • Have strong communication skills
  • Ability to interact in a professional and courteous manner with a broad cross-section of guests
  • Ability to maintain guest confidentiality and security


  • Fluent in English and Bahasa Malaysia (written & spoken)
  • Well verse in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and PMS System
  • Have the ability to prioritize workload assignments
  • Team work
  • A well-organized & initiative person
  • Able to work independently
  • Firm and fair when making decisions or new implementations
  • Pleasant and mature personality
  • Strong in problem-solving
  • Analytical and prompt in action
  • Guest orientated approach
  • Able to coach and train


  • Attractive remuneration package
  • 5 Working Days
  • Talent development opportunities
  • Corporate social responsibility activities

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