Staff Nurse (Jururawat Terlatih)

Jawatan Kosong Staff Nurse (Jururawat Terlatih) di [SYARIKAT]



Memiliki sekurang-kurangnya Diploma dalam bidang Kejururawatan
Berdaftar dengan Lembaga Jururawat Malaysia
Memiliki Perakuan Amalan Tahunan (APC)
Fresh Graduate digalakkan memohon
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Boleh bekerja dibawah min pengawasan


The Al-Islam Specialist Hospital or formerly known as the Kampong Baru Medical Center (KBMC) was developed as one of the programs da’wah Bil-hal Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia (ABIM) program through the ABIM Health Bureau. The planning started from the beginning of 1992. Recognizing that there is a need for a medical hospital that takes into account the full range of treatments including physical, psychological, mental and spiritual aspects. ABIM is developing a hospital that fosters the values of ISLAM in all aspects of expert hospital travel.

Through the ABIM economic agency, the Youth Islamic Cooperative Berhad (KBI), ABIM Health Bureau with several other specialist physicians. KBMC has been in operation since September 1996. With a strategic location, opposite Jamek Jamek Mosque and located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, KBMC was built with the hope of fardu kifayah as well as combining economic and da’wah aspects.

In conjunction with the 10th year of KBMC (2006), KBMC has promoted a concept of hospitality-friendly hospitals, namely “Hospital Friendly Worship”. In line with our mission, where we assist Muslim patients in daily worship. We try our best to provide professional and excellent service and constantly improve our services to patients.Currently KBMC has been named Al-Islam Specialist Hospital or Al-Islam Specialist Hospital where KBMC re-branding on August 24, 2008 at Hotel Regency Kuala Lumpur.

Maklumat Tambahan Jawatan Kosong

Tahap Pekerjaan : Not Specified
Kelayakan : Sales/Marketing, Sales – Corporate
Pengalaman Kerja :
Jenis Kerja : Full-Time
Pengkhususan Kerja : Sales/Marketing, Sales – Corporate / 503, 142

Maklumat Syarikat Majikan, [SYARIKAT]

Kampong Baru Medical Centre

Al-islam Specialist Hospital (AISH) commercially named, is a private hospital started business in 1996. It is registered as Kampung Baru Medical Centre (KBMC). The site is part of a matured area in the heart of Kuala Lumpur City and located at the popular attraction of Masjid Jamek Kg Baru. It is a few minutes away from KL City attractions of the Twin Tower, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Hospital Kuala Lumpur to name a few. The facility is easily accessible from the expressway and also the state roads that are linked to the neighboring matured housing and commercial area.

Al-Islam Specialist Hospital was conceived with the intention of combining the economic and welfare aspects for the community and with the aims to provide the best services to the patients which includes physical, psychological, mental and spiritual. Our objective includes providing medical specialist services to all level of the society at reasonable cost and providing the best possible comprehensive specialist care.

Maklumat Tambahan Syarikat [SYARIKAT]

Saiz Syarikat : 201 – 500 Employees
Masa Pemprosesan Permohonan : 26 days
Industri : Healthcare / Medical
Elaun dan Lain-lain : Dental, Education support, Miscellaneous allowance, Medical, Formal (e.g. Shirts + Ties)
Lokasi : Kuala Lumpur