Call Centers for Small Businesses

Call Centers for Small Businesses – For about $1 per day, small businesses can enjoy 24/7/365 customer service provided by the call center. Real-time customer service is what you need for a competitive advantage, as only about 50% of small and midsize businesses are more than five years old. Your small business needs to grow and we can help.

Small business, big ideas.

Specialty Answering Service has been America’s premier small business call center helping small businesses thrive since 1985. We want your small business to succeed and we know our live customer service can help. With friendly, professionally trained operators, round-the-clock support and advanced call center technology, we have the resources to help your small business gain a competitive edge at a price that small businesses can afford.

We’re available 24/7.

As a small business, getting 24/7 in-house support can be expensive. Most startups and small businesses only employ a small number of employees and overtime is not included in the budget. However, outsourcing to SAS provides a bootstrapped business with 24-hour call service. Callers can always have a friendly voice at any time of the day.

Exceptional customer support.

At the end of the day, people remember how you treated them more than anything else. A business that provides excellent customer support can stand out from the competition and keep customers coming back. At SAS, we understand how important customer care is, so all our operators are professionally trained to provide the best possible service to our customers.

Affordable pricing for any sized budget.

Money is sometimes the only decision maker for small businesses. You have to juggle costs like marketing, salaries, equipment, etc. For a bootstrapped small business, customer service may seem like the second most important thing after sales, but with SAS, customer service is surprisingly affordable. Our outsourced call center pricing offers multiple plans to choose from and the ability to change plans up or down in a specific month. Find the real-time support you need at a price you can afford.

Software integrations that make your life easier.

Specialty’s advanced call center technology allows you to integrate systems you’re already working on. Whether you use a CRM like Salesforce to manage customer data or Zendesk to process support tickets, once integrated, your agents can push the collected data to the system of your choice. No duplicate inputs means you can spend more time on other tasks and projects.

Maximize your marketing.

What could be worse than not answering the phone? Spend money on marketing only on missed calls. If you’re spending money to ring your phone, every call is important to you. When potential customers call, our call center agents can deliver hot leads to employees, receive messages, make appointments in software, and even help customers make purchases on ecommerce websites.

We know small business.

We started as a small business. We have provided answers to thousands of small businesses over the years. We know small businesses. We know what is important to you, what will help your company grow, and how to develop customer service scripts to help you continue to grow and remain a customer of SAS for years to come. If you’re a budget-conscious small business, you’ll want to partner with a call center business that knows you well.